Pakistan, being the owner of the 5 out of 14 eighth-thousanders peaks of the world, beside that the hundreds of more than 7000m and 6000m high peaks and having part of the three mighty mountain ranges of the world to get the attentions of the adventurers, Landscapes and beautiful mountain trails that are the dream of nature lovers,  hospitable, simple and mostly peaceful people are the identity of the country, rich culture and civilization which flourished here for hundreds of years has sets its deep impacts on its culture are just a few of the examples that attracts once to be in a country of multi-dimensions in adventural, natural, historical and cultural attractions. Which the country is playing its role in world’s tourism industry.

Pakistan have a vast history of hosting the tourists from all over the world, many international expeditions arrive each year to try their fortune of climbing one the eight-thousanders, i.e. K2(8,611m), Nanga Parbat(8,126m), Broad Peak(8,047m), Gasherbrum I(8,067m), Gasherbrum II(8,021m) and many of other more than 7,000m and 6,000m high peaks.  Pakistan being the junction of the three mighty mountain ranges of the world i.e. Karakoram, Himalaya and the hindukash ranges have a greet attractions to the word’s adventure tourists, also have many trekking and hiking opportunities in the adventurous, beautiful and scenic mountain valleys for nature lovers. Although the no of tourists declined a little after 9/11, but now after the security situations become more better the no of tourists increased tremendously.

            Land of Pakistan has faced thousands of years old civilization, remnants of which can still be seen in the ruins of Mohenjo Daro, Taxila and Harappa areas. The land was on an important location of the trade route from Central Asian states and Afghanistan into India and on the other side from China to the sub-continet. Over the Khunjerab Pass , Khyber Pass, Kurram Pass and the Bolan Pass, merchants and caravans used to trade from and to their final destinations.  Pakistan have also many religious tourist attractions, pilgrimages and religious sites, having a vast history of Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism.

            So if you are looking forward to have any visit to Pakistan, we assure you that, it is an ultimate destination for tourists ranging from the lovers of natural wonders, extreme adventures, ice climbing, rock climbing, trekking, hiking, skiing, Healy safari, jeep safari, camel safari, boat safari, mountain biking and river rafting to even cultural, archeological  and religious tours. Pakistan having different dimensions in culture, civilization, language, ethnics, seasons (summer, autumn, winter and spring) and have the attractions from warm water offshores, lush grean plains to the highest mountains of the world. You will ever remember the diversity of Pakistan in culture, nature and adventure attractions with the warm hospitality and love from the people.

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